50 Games For Footy

Hi Guys,

On Sunday I played my 50 games. I was captain that day and I ran through a banner and got to lead my team as well. My team Vermont played the top team Montrose who have not lost a game. Our team lost 41-46 it was so upsetting but our team did really good. It was their hardest game they have played so far but next time we will beat them and hopefully play them in the Grand Final.

Family Maths Night

Hi Guys,

On Wednesday I went to Family Maths Night at my school with my family. At the maths night we played powerlines which is so addicting My sister and I taught my dad about the lattice strategy and we played a few dice games. It started at 6:30 and finished at 7:30. It was awesome because I taught my dad things that he has never learnt before.

Natasha’s blog: http://natashapsl.global2.vic.edu.au/

Powerlines: http://www.primarygames.co.uk/pg2/powerlines/powerlines1.html


Happy Mother’s Day

Hi Guys,

I hope you all your mother’s have a great Mothers Day on Sunday and that you give your mums breakfast in bed because that would be really nice. I also hope that you guys made awesome presents for your mums and that she loves them and that you guys give your mum a lot of love.

What A Great Term 1

Hi Guys,

Today is the last day of term 1 and I have had a great term with Mr Kirwan. Something that I am proud of this term was my PLT because my partner and I did a lot of work and I thought we did really well. This term was fun with my new teacher Mr Kirwan because usually with other teachers maths is boring but Mr Kirwan makes maths fun with us and that’s something that’s good about him. Another thing that’s good about Mr Kirwan is that he is cool, awesome and a legend because he loves footy, basketball and cricket. I can’t wait until next term because we might do awesome stuff but i’m excited for the holidays.

It’s 2017

Hi Guys,

It’s 2017 and I can’t wait for a new start in a new year. I hope you all have a great year and do well in school. The things i’m looking forward to is being in Mr Kirwan’s class. The thing that I am looking forward to the most is being my last year at school. So I hope everyone has a great year.

Week 8

Hi Guys,

Today I will be talking about my week at school. During this week the weather has been terrible because on Monday it 38 degrees and on Tuesday it dropped down to 19 degrees. Anyway we did do a lot of cool things like Abstract Art which is was cool because you had draw the environment in pastel, paint and water colouring but couldn’t do them all you had to choose and I chose water colouring which was really fun and really messy. On Thursday our class did our memory books which the year 6’s have to this and which the year 5’s have to do next. It was really good because you could see all your pictures when you were in prep and when you did your concerts. This week was a really good week and I can’t wait until next week.

New Zealand Earthquake

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be talking about the earthquake that happened in New Zealand.It happened November the 13th on Sunday. There were hundreds of aftershocks that happened in New Zealand which killed at least two people. It sent a lot of people to higher grounds because there were also reports of a Tsunami hitting New Zealand. The magnitude was 7.8 quake that struck 90 kilometres north-east of Christchurch. There were two people dead at a coastal town in Kaikoura and Mt Lyford ski resort. There were reports of people injured and reports of collapsed buildings. The second earthquake was after the first earthquake. The magnitude was 6.8 but went down to 6.2 that struck the South Islands. There were reports of no deaths or injuries in the second earthquake.

Apart from people being injured it also caused a lot of damage to houses, roads, railways, state highway and one on the main truck line. The power was out and phone lines were down in many parts of the country. The earthquake hit at midnight damaging buildings that are 200 kilometres away from Wellington. In Wellington it hit 214 kilometres north of the earthquakes epicentre which knocked out power, windows smashed and chimneys damaged. The Authorities in Wellington were urging people who work in the city’s central district to stay home.




Reflections Of Parliament House And State Library

On Friday we went to Parliament House and the State Library. At 8:45am our 5 and 6 classes started walking to the platform where our train would be. Then we went on the train and started to sit in our seats. After a few stops we had got to Melbourne Central and started to go into our groups.


When we got to our groups the Amazing Race had started. The first landmark we found was a Church that was called St Francis, the second landmark we found was a cinema and arcade place, third landmark was the Melbourne Town Hall,  fourth Landmark was the statue of the Burke and Wills and our fifth landmark was a fountain. Our group worked really because everyone got a turn to take a photo and to write a fact about the landmark. Everyone was helping each other looking for the street we needed to go to.


After we finished our Amazing Race we had lunch next to the Parliament and crossed the road from the theater where they were doing Matilda. After we finished our lunch we started walking up the stairs to the Parliament House. When we went up the stairs to the Parliament we had to be in a line. When we had to go through security they had to scan your bag. After that we were in the Parliament House and our tour began. The first room we went into was the Lower House. In the lower house the seats were green and the floor was green. It wasn’t that big but it looked great. Then we went into the Upper House. In here it had a lot of gold and it was the same size as the Lower House but it looked bigger. The seats was red but there wasn’t as many seats as the Lower House.


After we finished our tour around Parliament House we started walking to the State Library. When we got to the State Library the first thing we saw was Ned Kelly’s armour. From there we then saw old fashioned books, old footy cards and many books on shelves. We saw a lot of old stories that were on display and a lot pictures on the wall. We saw books on the walls but you couldn’t get to them because the doors were locked.

Then we walked back to the Parliament House and when we got there we saw Neil Angus. When we saw Neil Angus I was so excited that I started talking to him but before I started speaking to him I got a high five from him. When we had to leave I asked Neil Angus for his autograph and he said yes. After he signed my book about Parliament House I also got a photo with Neil Angus. After seeing that we had to go to back to the train station so we could go home. It was a really fun excursion as we got learn about how Parliament works and the great history within the State Library.

How The Australians Are Going In the Olympics

Hi Guys,

Today I will be talking about the Aussie’s. Australia are doing well in the Olympics they have been doing really well in the Swimming, Soccer, Rugby 7’s and Basketball. The Swimming we have been doing well because we have been making into the final and by winning gold, silver and bronze. In the Rugby 7’s we have doing well because the women won gold for Australia so that’s good.  In basketball we have been doing well besides the loss against the USA but other than that we have won all our games. In soccer we had a rough star losing to Canada but then we bounced back by winning  6-1 against Zimbabwe. So that’s the update about the aussie’s next week I will do another update for guys and buy.download