Should We Change Australia Day

Hi Guys,

Today I will be talking about if we should change Australia Day. I think we shouldn’t change the date because the Aboriginals have Naidoc week and Sorry day so they already have a day that celebrates Aboriginals. The last few years Aboriginals have been calling Australia Day Invasion Day. I think they should have it on the 26th January but have a minute of silence for the Aboriginals which would make it fair.

100 Word Challenge

Once there was a boy called Andrew who made crazy experiments. He can do hip hop, blowing up his Ferrari which cost 1 million and lick his nose and lick his elbow which a lot of people can’t do. On Christmas Day his mum gave him an envelope that had not been open and when he opened it said Dear Andrew you need to blow up the most cars to win 600 million dollars. So he ran to the Ferrari shop and bought 600,000 cars and blew them all up and had won 600 million dollars and was the richest person in the neighbourhood.

Footy Finals Match

Hi Guys,

On Sunday I played my first ever finals footy match. My team Vermont played against Mitcham and beat them 43 to 18 which was awesome but I only played one quarter because before the game I got sick which meant I had a sore stomach, really dizzy and I even fainted in the toilets. The position I played was Fullback  and my highlight was when  three players were trying to get the ball but I got it first which meant I beat the three players in a 3 on 1 contest. In the second I was going to played Halfback but before the second quarter started I felt dizzy which I couldn’t play the rest of the game. But my team is in the next round of finals which means that I can have another crack at playing finals footy for four quarters.

It’s My Birthday

Hi Guys,

Today’s my birthday yay. I’m so excited today because tonight I’m going to South Melbourne Hellas vs Edgeworth FC which is a FFA Cup match. My present that I got from my mum and dad was tickets to Aladdin which was awesome. I can’t wait to get all these cool presents from friends and family.

New Term

Hi guys,

It’s term 3 already and I can’t wait to go on excursions and do lots of cool things. The things I want to do is to go to cool excursion like going to Sovereign Hill and playing sports tournaments. This term I hope I learn new things and have fun.

Neil Armstrong

Hi guys,

Today I will be telling you about Neil Armstrong.

Born: 5th August 1930, Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States

Died: 25th August 2012, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Neil Armstrong’s death was caused by Cardiac Surgery.

Neil Armstrong was the first person to go on the moon July 20th 1969.

After serving as a naval aviator 1949 to 1952 Armstrong joined the National Advisory Committee for  Aeronautics in 1955.

Neil Armstrong was a Aerospace engineer, Naval aviator, Test pilot and University Professor.

That’s one step for man, one giant leap for mankind. That was one of his famous quotes.

Thank you for reading about Neil Armstrong and I hope you learnt a lot.