Footy Finals Match

Hi Guys,

On Sunday I played my first ever finals footy match. My team Vermont played against Mitcham and beat them 43 to 18 which was awesome but I only played one quarter because before the game I got sick which meant I had a sore stomach, really dizzy and I even fainted in the toilets. The position I played was Fullback  and my highlight was when  three players were trying to get the ball but I got it first which meant I beat the three players in a 3 on 1 contest. In the second I was going to played Halfback but before the second quarter started I felt dizzy which I couldn’t play the rest of the game. But my team is in the next round of finals which means that I can have another crack at playing finals footy for four quarters.

2 thoughts on “Footy Finals Match

  1. It was a great effort from your team mates Andrew. It’s sure exciting being part of a team that is in finals. You will be ready to enjoy your game this Sunday and do a good job to contribute hopefully to another win. Hope your are having a great day…Mum Xx

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