My Awesome footy Match

Hi Guys,

On Sunday I played a footy match. The team we played against was Boronia Hawks.  The positions I played were Foward and Back . When I was playing foward I kicked two goals the first goal was from a free kick in front of goal and the second one was from me running down the boundry line then I snapped it and while kicked it I got pushed to the ground but luckily it was goal and everyone ran to me and said good job and hugged and it was after the siren. My team Vermont won 26-44.

One thought on “My Awesome footy Match

  1. Hi Andrew.I really enjoyed reading your blog about your footy game.I can tell you really like the sport just as much as I do.I also play with a club and always look forward to Sunday morning.I am sad that the season is over and can’t wait until next year.At least we still have the Grand Finals coming up soon.I am always kicking a football at the park and its hard to drag me away.I also like soccer and cricket.Have a great week.See ya

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