My Awesome footy Match

Hi Guys,

On Sunday I played a footy match. The team we played against was Boronia Hawks.  The positions I played were Foward and Back . When I was playing foward I kicked two goals the first goal was from a free kick in front of goal and the second one was from me running down the boundry line then I snapped it and while kicked it I got pushed to the ground but luckily it was goal and everyone ran to me and said good job and hugged and it was after the siren. My team Vermont won 26-44.

My Awesome Sunday Funday

Hi guys,

On Sunday I went to my Dad’s Soccer game with my sister. My dad’s team won 4-3 my dad scored two goals and one of them was the winning goal. After my dad’s soccer match we drove to Richmond to watch the tigers play. Before we went to the MCG we had some food at beers and burgers. I had an chicken burger while my sister and my dad ate an beef burger. Then we started to walk to MCG and we saw some friend of ours. When we got to the stadium we bought a footy record. After I got a footy record we sat in our seats they were very good seats. During the game it was close but at half time we got on the big screen and on TV.Then final siren went and Richmond had won 114-97 I was so happy that the whole Richmond crowd sang the song and got an hi five with one of the players. 

Mexico with a shock win

Hi guys,

What a win for Mexico beating Uruguay 3-1 it was just a great game to watch both teams were down to ten men it was just a great game to watch. Without Suarez not playing Uruguay weren’t the same without him because they weren’t dominating and they didn’t attack and it was embarrassing. So that’s what i’m going to say please leave a comment about the game and i’ll see you next time bye.