PSG Champions

Hi guys,

Today I watched the Marseille vs Paris Saint Germain the scores were 4-2 with Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 2 goals while Matuidi and Cavani score one each. Thauvin and Batshuayi score one each for Marseille with PSG being the Coupe de France champions. When I watched the game I thought Sirigu did very well because he did some great saaves but with Mandanda he let stupid goals that he could of saved. Anyway Leave some thoughts on who you thought did well and how you thought the game went and go PSG.

Prime Numbers


In class we’ve been learning about prime numbers. So we went on toondoo’s website and we had to make a cartoon and this is what I made. So what we have learnt so far is that some odd numbers are prime and there’s only one even number and that is two. You will know if it’s a prime number like e.g 37 can go into one and thirty seven but 35 is not a prime number because it goes into one five thirty five and more. So that’s prime numbers hopefully that you have learnt a lot from this and hopefully that you will know this off by heart.

Come On Warriors

Hi guys,

Today the Warriors won against the Thunder in game two with the Warriors winning 91-118. The Warriors did very well in the second half to the fourth scoring more than 30 points while the Thunder scored less than 25 points. Some of this information might not be accurate because I didn’t watch it and I only looked at the scores. You could tell in the second third and fourth they were going to win. The Warriors did have it in the bag and they won because they scored more than 30 points from the second quarter. If you agree with me leave some comments about the game and tell me your thoughts.

Congratulations Sevilla

Hi guys,

Today i’m very upset because today Liverpool lost in the Europa league final against Sevilla 1-3. The game started at 4:45 am in the morning the game was in Switzerland at FC Basel home ground. In the first half Daniel Sturridge scored a wonder goal to put Liverpool in the lead then in the second half they scored three goals but the third goal was offside but the referee didn’t call it and it was a goal. Also give me any opinions about the game if you watched it and tell me if the third goal was offside or not but congratulations to Sevilla winning it three years in a row and hopefully Jurgen Klopp can buy good new players so we can win the FA Cup the Capital One Cup the Europa league and the Baclays Premier league. So congrats to the Sevilla team but hopefully we can win next season bye.

What Are Start For The Thunder

Hi guys,

What do you think about the thunder winning by 6 points against the warriors. Unbelievable start for them in the first game. Just what are comeback they were losing and then they struck back scoring points and winning the game. But the only thing we would love if you are a warriors fan would be when Steph Curry just shooting down three’s but you would be disappointed of the foul that Bogut doing  a rejecting on Westbrook and that just started up the thunder but hopefully the Golden State Warriors win game two because the deserve to beat the thunder. Please comment what you think about the game bye.

My two new pets

Hi guys,

Today I have two new pets and there names are Tiger Roo who is a tiger and King Johnny who is a pig.

What do I feed them? I feed Tiger Roo a stake and King Johnny eats an apple. When King Johnny goes in the mud he has a spray to get the mud of or you just press the refresh button. What does Tiger Roo do? Tiger Roo moves his head usually scratches himself or sit down but he does move around if the mouse is near him. King Johnny would roll in the mud if you click on him and he does move around if you have the mouse near.

So those are my pets but tell me what your pet does and what he eats bye.

Foods That I Like

Hi guys,

Today I will telling what foods that I like. This is one of the student blogging challenges that I haven’t done so I’m excited and here we go.

So these are the foods that I like.

  1.  Meat Pie
  2.  Cake
  3. Ice-cream
  4. Hawaiian Pizza
  5. Fish n chips
  6. Hot dogs
  7. Sausage roll
  8. Souvlaki
  9. Doughnuts
  10. Tacos

So leave a comment and tell me what your favourite food is and why you like them bye.

Albert Einstein

Hi guys,

Today I’ll be talking about is Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was born in Germany 14th March 1879 and died 18th April 1955. When he was a scientist he worked as a physicist his influence to be a scientist was Isaac Newton,  Mahatma Gahandi and more. he developed the general  of relativity. He died by Abdominal aortic aneurysm.

So that’s about Albert Einstein.