Things about my background and where I live

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to talk about where I live and what is my background. I live in Melbourne, Australia and my favourite team is Richmond. My favourite soccer team is  Melbourne City. The sport we play is AFL soccer netball basketball cricket golf volleyball athletics and Olympic sports as well. People who don’t know what AFL is it stands for Australian Football League and we play with an oval sized football and we are allowed to pick it up there is no goalkeepers we have 4 goal post and if you kick it in the middle it’s worth 6 points but if you hit the post or it goes left or right it’s worth 1 point and there’s 22 players on the field there are 6 players who are on the bench. My background is Greek we celebrate easter in a different month then Australia we celebrate Christmas on the same month we play the same sports as Australia except for AFL because that’s an Australian sport. So those are the things that are about my background and where I live.    

Barack Obama and Donald Trump

Hi guys,

Today I’m trying to get more Americans because all my friends have more then me. I would like to apologize about the post about Donald Trump I won’t do that today with Obama because I love him. Barack Obama is the current President for America and I love him because he is the best including Donald Trump. I love him because his got the best accent like Donald Trump and I like him because  he is nice like Donald Trump. So good luck Donald Trump for trying to be president and good luck Obama to make America a better place

My Awesome Holiday

On the holidays I played my first game against Blackburn. The scores were 7 to 88, we won. The next thing I did was watching Richmond play against Collingwood and we lost by 1 point. Then I went to Daylesford for four days with family and friends. After I went to Daylesford I went to Etihad with my family to watch Richmond vs Adelaide and we lost again and it wasn’t great. Then I went to the hospital to see my grandpa. It was very upsetting seeing him in hospital. Before Round 1 I went to my jumper presentation and the number I got was number 20. During the holidays I’ve been practising kicking with my opposite foot so I can get better kicking with my opposite foot. In my last practise match my team lost in their last practise match by 7 points. At hoyts I watched my big fat greek wedding. It was very funny and I can’t wait to watch it again. On the holidays I was naughty because I kept on annoying my sister. There was a lot of people at the footy. During the holidays I was quiet in my room watching youtube videos. During the few weeks of my holidays I was upset because Richmond kept on losing. I screamed at the tigers because they were doing terrible. I screamed at the umpires because they were doing terrible as well. I was very upset when Richmond lost . My team Vermont won there first practise match by more than 40 points I had an excellent holiday because I got to sleep in (3)