Grand Final

Hi guys,

On Saturday I played a grand final against Waverley. The game went to overtime when the opposition team scored a two pointer and made it a draw. We won in overtime by 5 points. The scores were 24-19. I scored 10 points it was the most points in the game.

Semi Final

Hi guys,

On Saturday I played a semi final and we won. The scores were 11-21. I scored ten points and did a few goal assists. My team was the Nunawading Kangas and we versed Donvale Dunkers. Our team did very well and  we play the grand final next Saturday.  I’m very pumped about it. It was my best game from the whole season and I’m very happy. Hopefully my team does well and wins the grand (2)

Long weekend

Hi Guys,

I can’t wait till it’s the long weekend because we have no school on Friday and Monday because of labour day and school closure day. I’m guessing that other countries like America have it in a different day and another Month.  There’s is on  Monday September 5 and that’s the  same day but different month. So hope everyone has a great long weekend and tell me what your doing on the long weekend?download (2)

My Avatar

Hi guys,

Today I got an avatar and it’s Steven Gerrard. I chose this avatar because I love soccer  and it’s always been my passion.  I also picked this avatar because when he played for Liverpool he was my favourite player but now he has gone to LA Galaxy.  Now that i’ve told you about my avatar, tell me about your avatar and how it represents you.



Dustin Martin

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to talk about Dustin Martin. Dustin Martin is my favourite player and his number is number 4. Dustin Martin got drafted to Richmond in 2009 from Bendigo pioneers. Dustin Martin was born in Castlemaine. When the AFL season finishes Dustin Martin always goes to Vegas with Dane (2)

The importances of sleep

Hi guys,

Today i’m going to talk about the importances of sleep. When you go to bed never go on your phone at night because you will have lack of concentration. Always put your phone on do not disturb so you can’t here anyone ringing you late at night and when notification comes up as well. When you go to bed maybe read for 15 minutes and then lights out. so sleep well and stay safe.