Twilight Sports

Hi guys,

Hope you had a wonderful night last night. Congratulations to Red team you did very good in the events. Bad luck to Blue team I’m very upset but hopefully next year we could come 2nd or 1st.   Bad luck to green team everyone thought you would come first but well done for the dance and the marching you did really well so well done. You guys must be tired I am to but it was great night and you had fun.

Zika Virus

Hi guys,

People in Central America, South America, North America and Uganda have mosquitoes that have a virus called the zika virus. People that are pregnant who are in Brazil you should get out of the country because you bitten your baby could get a small head or brain. The people don’t want it to spoil the Olympics but i’m sure it won’t so the Olympics is good to go. So just be safe from the zika virus.

Things about me

Hi guys,

I’m going to talk about the things I like to do.

I like AFL, soccer, cricket, basketball, running and being a funny kid. I play for a football club called Vermont. I’m in under 11’s and the position I usually play is half forward and half back.

My favourite soccer team in the A-League is Melbourne City and in the E.P.L is Liverpool. In cricket my favourite team is Melbourne Stars.

My favourite AFL team is Richmond Tigers. They play at the M.C.G and train at Punt Road Oval.

I have 4 people in my family including me.  My background is greek and I go to greek school on Fridays.

My favourite food is pizza. I like it because it has my favourite toppings and its really cheesy!